Zaheer Thomas

Glory Only Belongs To God
Zaheer Thomas

My wife and I have been married for a year and a half now and we decided that giving glory to God in everything we do should be the purpose of our marriage. I am sad to say that we lost sight of that purpose some time during the last year. Both my wife and I are believers alright, but when we saw what life had to offer us, we preferred to put Jesus on the back seat. We totally forgot that we were not going to get very far without Him. Our prayer life started to get weak, our attendance at church was irregular, we opted to work on Sundays just because we had a good job, a good pay and we wanted to fulfill our dream; a dream to build a home we like to call patch of heaven, even matters between us started to become tense.

On our first anniversary we asked ourselves if we managed to keep up the purpose of our marriage, and it was obvious that though we hoped for it, we were not able to do it. We also understood that we did not know enough about our God. Which brought us in front of two questions: (1.) Are we really living as believers ought to? and (2.) Are we going to church just because we have an obligation?

Both these questions made us question our own salvation, and we would like to thank Pastor Nelson for seeing us through that phase. My wife and I believe that Jesus died for our sins and gave us a second shot at eternity and we as Christians who claim to know him have the responsibility to walk in his ways and will be held accountable by God on the day of Judgment.

That is when we decided to put first things first. God is the priority in our lives and only after Him shall the rest follow. We put aside the one thing that stood between us and God; our jobs. Yeah! We did have questions in our own minds on our future and we also had a tough time answering some of the questions shot at us by others. But when we asked ourselves which sounded more promising “What about your dream home you like to call patch of heaven?” or “I am pleased with you my faithful servant”, we didn’t have to think twice, because a patch of heaven is never going to replace heaven and the promise it has to offer.

We have joined the Baptist Seminary of South India in Bangalore and we hope that we will be able to learn about our God better and bring glory to His name through our lives both in the seminary and outside. My name is Thomas and that brave woman next to me is my wife Nisha, and we are looking forward to the coming again of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I hope you are too. Praise the Lord.

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