Jyoti Naresh

“Traces of God:Nikita, The Miracle Baby”
Jyoti Naresh
It has been 12 years since I came to Bethel Baptist Church, as newly married bride to Naresh. Personally, this Church has been such a blessing to me. It was my prayer before marriage that the Lord would give me a church where I will be built spiritually and the Lord fulfilled my desire.
After 5 long years of waiting, Naresh and I were blessed with Nikita. During those years we had the prayer support of our friends and Pastor. My pregnancy time was not a very smooth one, I was on complete bed rest for first 3 months and after that on medication. I delivered my baby suddenly in the 7 month. Before I could understand, I stepped into motherhood on 18 December 2000. Nikita weighed only 850 gms, doctors gave very little hope of her survival. Immediately after birth she was shifted to NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Little did we know what the following two months would be like. During those anxious times, Bethel Baptist Church stood with us, praying, visiting, encouraging and even helping us financially.
The biggest help of in terms of praying to God for her survival. Our Church, our relatives, our friends, friend’s friend, far away in other countries. People whom we knew, and some whom we did not know. (After a long time, when Nikita was nearly 4 years, I met a lady and while talking I came to know that she was one of the regular praying person for my little daughter). Things were not easy but with hope and faith in God, we started living each day, visiting hospital, seeing her, she was improving, but not very much. But we were seeing God’s grace in this situation also. People were encouraging. Slowly but steadily in two months time she came upto 1 kg. Doctors said we have done our best, now you can take her home. The hospitals bills came upto Rs.1 lakh, but the Lord was faithful, help came from known and unknown sources and we were able to pay for everything.
After coming home, it was a very different lifestyle we adapted. My whole attention, day and night was only my baby. She could not be breast fed, she had no strength to suck. So she was on powdered milk, that also specially made for premature baby, for which we had to place an order before hand. Every 15 days we had to take her for check ups. The hospital where she was born was nearly 10 to 12 kms from our house, taking her to hospital was in itself a big challenge. But Bethel Baptist Church was there whenever we asked for help to take her to hospital in the car. She had to be fed in sterilized vessels. Ever y three hours I had to boil all her feeding vessels and keep everything clean. No visitors were allowed to see her, so that she wouldn’t get any infection. With all these things in the coming months she suffered from eye problem (she underwent two laser operations), rickets and thyroid for which she underwent treatment for nearly two years. All her milestones were one year late. She started walking when she was 2 years old and talking when she was 3 years old. But in all this our Lord never did leave us once. Very slowly but steadily she was growing.
There are many more things which we went through, but if I write everything, maybe it will become a book. But I would like to encourage anybody who is in similar situation, don’t be disheartened, trust in the Lord and he will provide strength to go through.
Today she has completed 6 years. She goes to school, she talks a lot and has a very good memory. I thank God for taking us through this experience wherein we learned about his goodness, mercy and grace and I thank our Church for standing by us when we went through all this.

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