Ansu Cornelius

God’s Faithfulness in my Life”

Ansu Cornelius

       Lambert & I were both saved in our primary school years. Our roads met when I was in college & he was working. Though we still belonged to the traditional churches, we feared God & had a desire to please Him & do what is right.

My family, being quite orthodox, took a long time to accept Lamber t. The wait for their acceptance was not an easy one either. It was during those 4 years that I made a re-commitment of my life to Christ & clung to John 15:7. (Shall come back to this verse a little later.) My study & understanding of God’s word increased during this time. I learnt to surrender my will to HIS.

In May 1989 we were married. In Nov 1990, Dhruvika, our first daughter was born. John 15:7 is a conditional promise. “If you remain in me & my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, & it will be given you.” God had kept his promise faithfully & I had to fulfill the condition constantly. This was not a one day arrangement, but for a lifetime. Elders in our community never approved of love marriages. I had grown up hearing always that “Love marriages don’t work” So there was a certain amount of fear in my heart, but I was confident that it was God’s will that brought us together. Yet, John 15:7 kept coming to my mind reminding me of my part to continue abiding in HIM.

Both Lamber t & I had a desire to understand God’s word better. So we approached our church pastor, but didn’t get much encouragement. Then we got involved with a vibrant group who were only too willing to have a Bible study in our house. By the 3 / 4 session we felt we were not on the right track & asked them not to come back. We disagreed on various issues, as they were contrary to the Bible.

Lambert went to a good Sunday school in his younger days, whereas I had never been to one. As Dhruvika was growing up we desired to give her good Bible teaching. At this point, we remembered 2 children, neighbors of Lambert’s family, who had by then moved from there. They had shared about some of the wonderful times in their Sunday school. We didn’t have their new address but they had told us the church was in Koramangala.

We soon moved to Koramangala & started looking out for the church. One day we saw a church board on 17 Main Road & the following Sunday Lamber t went ahead to check the timings. He returned home excitedly saying, “ This must be the one. I saw a couple of foreigners there. ” We walked in a bit late to Bethel Baptist Church Sunday school that morning & attended Pastor Ken’s class for adults. We were so excited to attend a Bible class & even more amazed when Pastor Ken gave us the Study book free of cost so we could go through the lesson & come prepared the next Sunday! Wow! We couldn’t believe it! Just what we were looking for!!

We came back the next Sunday very eager to hear God’s word & there was no turning back! One-year-old Dhruvika quickly won the hearts of uncles & aunties & made friends with other children. She enjoyed the Sunday school opening the most. We loved the warm fellowship at Bethel.

Lambert’s family soon followed us. We were all hungry for God’s word & so very soon a Bible study was started at our home during the week. We immersed ourselves in God’s word with Pastor Ken taking “AN INTRODUCTION TO BIBLICAL STUDIES.” Though we had all been saved in our younger days, only now we were convinced of the need for adult baptism by immersion.

We decided to be baptized and then again, we had to face questions, doubts, criticism, friction from my family. We became more rigid & particular about attending services only at Bethel, never wanting to miss anything going on at Bethel. These were difficult for my family in the beginning, but they soon understood & accepted. By now they were very fond of Lambert and appreciated him much. Thus we became members at Bethel Baptist Church in 1992. We have learnt immensely after coming here and experienced God’s leading & grown spiritually.

Along came our other 2 daughters Emunah & Iana, in 1994 & 1995 respectively. It was such a wonderful & different experience; the pregnancy, labor, & bringing them up with the church family praying & supporting us in every possible way.

The provision of food for the family when the lady of the house is sick & the 2 Sunday evening fellowship times were unique experiences that caught our attention & glued us to the church family.Apart from the thorough teaching of God’s word, the very lives of Pastor Ken & Mary were very encouraging. They have been such great role models.

God’s word now became a very important par t in our lives. This is the only place we have seen God’s word being taught to apply in our lives & that being modeled in the lives of elders. This caused us to admire them. The warmth, love & encouragement we have received from Bethel are incredible. Through good times & bad times, happy times & sad times Bethel was with us laughing & crying with us. One memorable service that Lambert will never forget is the Memorial service for “Mummy”, Lambert’s mother, which was such a blessing to the whole family. We have truly experienced God’s love in this place. And this we knew had to flow through us to others.

The need for our own church building was a much prayed about request. Many were skeptical but GOD used many others and us to make this dream a reality. The blessing of starting our own factory, to see GOD using the blessing for His purposes, has taught us many new things that we were not aware of. The completion of our own church building increased our faith especially in the way GOD provided and brought it about.

When the project of a Christian school came up we were very interested. As the leadership for the school could not be taken over by Pastor Ken, we were asked to take it up as a family. We were only too glad to seek God’s will to be a part of His ministry. Today, even as we look back, we can, with joy, Thank God for the amazing things He has done and continues to accomplish in the lives of His children

I request you to continue to uphold us in your prayers, even as we, as a family follow HIM & serve HIM. In closing, it is a pleasure to mention that one of our family’s favorite verses is Ps. 115:1.

“Not to us, O Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory,

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