Anitha Vijayraghavan

“Bethel’s Impact on My Life”

Anitha Vijayraghavan

“I thank my God upon every remembrance of you” (Phil 1:3)
The greatest evidence of genuine friendship is loyalty. The Church truly had my best interests at heart. It’s very difficult for me to pick just one incident which has etched itself on my memory while at Bethel. Being associated with the Church has been the best thing that happened to me. Otherwise, I would not have had the sound teaching of God’s word from the pulpit by Pastor Ken and practical lessons from chatting with Aunty Mary in my favorite place – her kitchen. The other person who has had a tremendous influence on me is Aunty Waldock (Senior). The girls, after choir practice, were always rewarded with cinnamon buns, tea and her pleasant company. The commitment of this family to the Lord and the Church introduced me to God in my life in a special way. The Lord in His love has added to the Church and today it stands as a testimony of all their labour of love. In short, the Lord can accomplish great things through us when we say Yes Lord.
In my experience, to be found in the house of God is far better than to be found elsewhere, contrary to what the world thinks. It definitely protected me from all the attractions of the world which look fulfilling for a moment, but are futile.
I can never forget the camps I attended, Christmas programs, fellowship nights, Baking and Bible study; and getting to know all Church members irrespective of their age is very rewarding. It is truly one big family and I miss being there.

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