Our Pastors

Rev. Fred Waldock [1979 -1982] : Initial church planting work in Koramangala.

Pst. Ken Waldock [1982 – 2004] : Responsible to lead the initial group to form Bethel.

Pst. Nelson D’cunha [2005 –      ]: Present pastor
Pst. Saji P. Thomas    [2017 –      ]: Co-pastor

*you must read the History of the church concerning others who served in the pulpit.

Testimony Timeline:

Birth:  12th January 1971; Born in a Catholic family.

Introduced to Jesus: While at school through the catechism classes and Scripture Union. [1981 – 1987]

Curious about Christianity: Desire to study the book of Revelation; due to the movie “Omen” [1989]

Became a Christian: Through a series of events realized. (a) God exists; (b) I have rejected and sinned against the good and holy God; (c) The helplessness of life is due to the separation from my maker; (d) Learnt that Jesus died for my sins while i did not care for him; (e) Learnt that “whoever accepts Jesus as saviour and God,” would be accepted as God’s child; (f) Jan 26th, 1990 at a Billy Graham crusade asked Jesus to be his saviour and God.

Truly surrendered to Jesus: 1994 – after a three-year struggle having backslid and confused with his faith.

From Studies to Pastorate: Joined Bethel Baptist church through believers Baptism [August 6th, 1995], felt the Lord’s leading to join seminary [2000-2003], certain of the Lord’s call to minister at Bethel as Pastor [2005].


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