Habakkuk 1:1-2:5

  1. What is the prophet’s first complaint, and what is God’s strange answer to Habakkuk?
    See 1:2-3, 5-11.
  2. What further problem does this raise in the prophet’s mind, and what answer is he given?
    See 1:12-17 and 2:2-5.
  3. What course of action does 2:1 suggest that the Christian should adopt when perplexed at God’s dealings?
    Cf. Ps. 73:16, 17; Mic. 7:7.
    Are you faithful in this way?


  1. 1:7b. The Chaldeans so-called ‘justice and dignity’ are arbitrary and self-determined.
  2. 2:2. God’s answer is to be written down plainly so that it may be read at a glance.
  3. 2:4, 5. God’s answer is in two parts: (a) The arrogant Chaldean, whose soul is not upright, shall fail and pass away. Cf. Is. 2:12-17. (b) The righteous man will endure. He will live by his faith, a faith inspired by God’s faithfulness, which keeps him steadfast. The profound truth expressed here is seen in its full significance in the gospel of Christ. Cf. Rom. 1:16, 17.