Isaiah 63:7-64:12

  1. 63:7-14. How does the suppliant begin his prayer? What has Israel learned of God’s mercy and love in her past? What lesson is here for us when in our need we pray to God? Cf. Eph. 1:16; Phil. 1:3; 4:6; Col. 1:3.
  2. What five pleas are found in 63:15-19? In 64:4, 5, the suppliant begins to advance another plea. What is it, and why is he unable to continue it (6, 7)? Do you know how to plead with God? What pleas can we rightly make?


  1. 63:10, 11, 14. The references to the Holy Spirit in this prayer are strikingly clear and full.
  2. 63:17a. The prolonging of the suffering was tending to increase the ungodliness.