Isaiah 54

  1. In verses 4-10 consider all the reasons given why God’s reconciled people should not fear.
    In what ways will God be like a ‘husband’ to his people (verses 4-7)?
    How does God reveal in his treatment of his people that he is faithful to his covenants (verses 9, 10)?
  2. ‘This is the heritage’, says the prophet, ‘of the servants of the Lord’ (verse 17).
    What is this inheritance?
    List the blessings promised here.
    What guarantees that we can enjoy them?
  3. William Carey applied verses 2 and 3 to the missionary enterprise, and summoned the church to reach out to the unevangelized nations. What does this chapter mean for you?
    In what direction does it summon you to ‘lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes’?
    Have you grasped how great your God is, how far-reaching his purposes of blessing?