Isaiah 50:4-51:16

  1. What qualities are reveled in this picture of God’s servant? Meditate on the fulfillment of these in Christ. Cf. John 12:49; Matt. 26:67. Consider from his example and experience what you may count on God to do for you, and on what conditions.
  2. What comfort and encouragement for your own faith do you find in 51:1-6? What divine reassurances are given to those who are frightened by the hostility of men (verses 7, 8, 12-16)?


  1. 51:23. An allusion to the picture of making captives lie face downward on the ground, and using their backs as a road to walk on.
  2. 52:8. ‘with their own eyes’: i.e., face to face. This is how they will see the Lord when he returns to Zion