Isaiah 44:24-45:25

Allusion has already been made to Cyrus, but not by name (41:2, 25). Now he is directly and personally addressed, as one whom God has chosen as an instrument of his purpose of good towards Israel, and the purpose for which he has been raised up is declared (44:24-45:8). Those who object to this view of God’s relation to Cyrus are rebuked (45:9-13), and there follows a remarkable prophecy of universal acknowledge of the God of Israel as the one God, in whom alone is salvation (45:14-25).

  1. What is said in 44:24 – 45:8 concerning:
    (a) God’s power in creation and in human history;
    (b) Cyrus, and what God will do for him and through him?
    What assurance should such a passage afford us?
  2. What is the two-fold answer given in 45:9-13 to those who question God’s purposes and ways?
    Cf. Rom. 9:20.
  3. Are you ever guilty of feeling resentment against God?
  4. In 45:14-25 what are the reasons given for the turning of men of all nations from their idols to the worship of the one true God?
    How does this anticipate the universal scope of Christ’s redemption?
    Cf. Rom. 1:16.


  1. 44:28. ‘Shepherd’: used frequently with the meaning of ‘ruler’.
  2. 45:13. ‘Not for a price or reward’: this seems to contradict 43:3, 4, but that passage speaks of the reward God gave, this of Cyrus’ motive.
  3. 45:14-17. Spoken of Israel. Verses 14b, 15 are the confession of the nations mentioned in verse 14.