Isaiah 40

The prophecies of chapters 40-48 have as their main theme the proclamation that God is about to restore the exiled Jews in Babylon to their own land. See introduction. They refer to a time when the words spoken to Hezekiah (39:5-7) have been fulfilled. The first eleven verses are a prologue in which the prophet hears heavenly voices declaring to Jerusalem the glad message of redemption.

  1. In verses 1-11 what four great facts are proclaimed by God to give comfort to his people?
    How does this prophecy of future coming and glory of the Lord find fulfillment in the New Testament?
    Cf. Matt. 3:3; 1 Pet. 1:23-25; John 10:11.
  2. In verses 12-26 how is God shown to be beyond the petty mind of human beings to comprehend or to explain? How can we, as his creatures, draw on his infinite strength and power?
    See verses 29-31.