Isaiah 33-35

The opening verses of chapter 33 reflect the excitement and panic that preceded Sennacherib’s approach (verses 7-9) and the prophet’s triumphed faith that the proud Assyrian would suffer defeat (verses 1-6, 10-12). The remainder of the chapter shows the profound effects of this deliverance, and paints a glowing picture of the coming kingdom. Chapters 34 and 35 present a striking contrast between the fearful doom of God’s enemies, symbolized by Edom (34), and the glorious future that awaits God’s redeemed people (35).

  1. In the picture of the Messiah’s kingdom given in 33:14-24: (a) what are the characteristics of his people, (b) what will the Lord be to them, and (c) what blessings will they enjoy?
  2. Applied spiritually, what blessings are spoken of in chapter 35 that are available to believers now? In particular, can you discover in verses 8-10 four of five characteristics of the ‘highway’, i.e., the Christian life?


  1. 33:18, 19. The things that terrified them before, such as Assyrian officials counting the tribute, will all belong to the past.
  2. 34:6, 7. God’s judgment of Edom pictured as a sacrifice in Bozrah, an Edomite city.
  3. 34:16. ‘The scroll of the Lord’: this probably refers to a collection of Isaiah’s previous prophecies. None of them shall fail. The Spirit of God will accomplish in history what the mouth of God’s servant has declared in prophecy. Cf. 55:11; Jer. 1:9, 10.