Isaiah 20:1- 22:14

The story of an acted prophecy on the futility of reliance on Egypt (verse 20) is followed by four oracles concerning Babylon (21:1-10), Edom (21:11, 12), Arabia (21:13-17), and Jerusalem (22:1-14).

  1. In what ways did Isaiah’s responsibility to convey God’s message prove demanding and costly? Are you prepared to sacrifice your pride in your sacrifice for God (Chapter 20)? Do you spare time to wait on God (21:8, 12)?
  2. In what two respects does Isaiah in 22:1-14 find fault with the people of Jerusalem? Do you find the same spirit prevalent today?
  3. In what ways does this passage teach us that God is behind the events of history, knowing all beforehand, and carrying out his purposes?


  1. 22:1-3. The prophet bewails the conduct of the people, thronging the house-tops, shouting and rejoicing when calamity was near. ‘Without using the bow’ (which had being cast aside) they were captured.