Isaiah 17-19

Oracles concerning Damascus (i.e., Syria) and Ephraim, Ethiopia, and Egypt, with a short oracle (17:12-14) prophesying the overthrow of the Assyrian hosts.

  1. How is Ephraim’s sin described in 17:10, together with its inevitable issues? Cf. Deut. 8:19, 20.
  2. Gather out from these chapters what is said of the results of God’s judgment in causing men to turn to him. What encouragements for missionary work, especially in certain countries, can be derived from these chapters?
  3. Contrast in chapter 18 man’s scheming and planning with God’s attitude of quiet watchfulness, knowing what he will do (verses 4-6). Cf. Ps. 2:1-5.

Note.18:1, 2

A description of Ethiopia, whose ambassadors have come to consult with Judah about plans to resist Assyria. The ‘whirring wings’ is probably an allusion to the swarms of insects which infest the land. Isaiah gives the ambassadors a message to take back (verses 2b-7), that God is watching, and will shortly deal with the Assyrian menace.