Isaiah 14:24-16:14

A series of denunciatory oracles directed against Assyria (14:24-27), Philistia (14:28-32), and Moab (15, 16).

  1. 14:24-27. What two attributes of God are emphasized in these verses? How do they encourage us to trust in his Word?
  2. In the prophecy against Moab consider: (a) the severity of the judgment, (b) the sympathy of the prophecy with Moab in her sufferings, and (c) the reason why her doom is inevitable. Are you moved by the thought of the judgment that awaits those who reject Christ?


  1. 14:29. ‘The rod that struck you is broken’: a reference probably to the death of Tiglath-Pileser of Assyria who died just before Ahaz. However, it was no use rejoicing at this, for the power of Assyria would be revived in a form more deadly than ever.
  2. 14:30-32. The meaning is that while even the poorest in Judah shall be secure (verses 30a and 32), Philistia shall be destroyed.
  3. 15. The proper names are Moabite towns, known and known. On the signs of grief and mourning in verses 2 and 3, cf. 22:12; Mic. 1:16.
  4. 16:1-5. The Moabites are advised to send tribute in the form of lambs (cf. 2 Kgs. 3:4) to the king of Judah. Verses 3- 5 is the Moabites’ plea for refuge.