Isaiah 11 & 12

The Assyrian ceder would be irrevocably felled, but out of the stump of the pollarded Judaean tree will come forth a shoot – the Messiah, in whom Isaiah’s hope for the future is centered. His glorious reign (verse 11) is considered: (a) in relation to human society (2-5); (b) in relation to the brute creation (6-9); and (c) in relation to world history (10-16). There follows (12:1-6) a song of thanksgiving to God for his forgiveness, together with a vision of a united Israel (cf. 11:13) enjoying the blessings of salvation, and engaging in missionary activity among the nations.

  1. What are to be the characteristics of the coming Messiah (11:1-5)? Compare this picture of his reign with 9:1-7, and notice any new truths brought out.
  2. Chapter 12 is the song of those who have discovered that God’s anger is turned away from them. What results of salvation are mentioned here, and are you expecting them all?