Isaiah 2-4

The prophet’s lofty vision of future possibility in 2:2-5 gives way to a picture of coming judgment in 2:6-22, made inevitable by men’s failure. From a description of the anarchy (3:1-8) which will result from the prevalent sins of the ruling class, both men and women (3:9 – 4:1), he turns to a more confident expectation of the glory which will follow the judgment (4:2-6).

  1. Try to build a comprehensive picture of the hope for the future given in 2:2-5 and 4:2-6. What is said about the word of the Lord, the peace of the world, the holiness of God’s people, and their blessedness under his protecting care?
  2. Can you detect from these chapters what Isaiah regarded as the greatest sin, and why it is so abominable?


  1. 2:2-4. A prophecy almost identical with Mic. 4:1-3, and probably borrowed by Micah from Isaiah.
  2. 2:6. The striking of hands may refer not only to friendship but to trade bargaining. Commercial greed is further condemned in verse 72.