Matthew 25:14-46

  1. Verses 14-30. Compare this parable with that in Luke 19:11-27.
    What is the message underlying both parables?
    Can you distinguish the particular emphasis of each parable?
  2. Verses 31-46. What claims does Christ make here concerning himself?
    How is men’s final destiny determined?
  3. What does this passage teach about the gravity of the sin of omission?
    What does the absence of good works prove?


  1. Verse 34. This is the only place in the gospels where Christ speaks of the son of man as king. No doubt there was too great a danger of the popular misunderstanding of that title for its frequent use to be possible.
  2. Verse 46. ‘Eternal’: this speaks primarily not of endless duration but of that which in quality is characteristic of the age to come.