Isaiah 13:1-14:23

Here we leave the Book of Immanuel, and enter what has been called the ‘jungle of prophecy’ (chapters 13-25). See Analysis. It contains the ‘burdens of the Lord’, oracles concerning foreign nations, many parts of which are now obscure. The first oracle concerns Babylon, and is directed first against the city (13:1-14:2), and second, against the king (14:3-23). Its predictions have been literally fulfilled.

  1. For what sins was Babylon condemned by God (14:5, 6, 12-14)? How did God administer judgment?
  2. In what respects may Babylon be regarded as a picture of the world in opposition to God (as Jerusalem or Zion is a picture of God’s people), and the king of Babylon a picture of Satan, the picture of this world? Cf. Gen. 11:1-9; 2 Thess. 2:4; Rev. 18:2, 3.


  1. 13:2-6. ‘The days of the Lord’ is the day of his manifestation and here denotes the day of his vengeance upon Babylon.
  2. 13:12. The population will be so reduced, that men will be scarcer than gold.
  3. 14:9-17. The departed spirits in Sheol assemble, surprised and scornful, to greet the arrival of the king whose pomp is now stripped from him.