Matthew 15:21-39

  1. Verses 21-28. Why did our Lord treat the Canaanite women in this way?
    Do you see the purpose behind it?
    Cf. Luke 11:8; 18:1; 1 Pet. 1:7.
    Contrast Matt. 8:23, 26; 15:28, 30, 31.
  2. In all the miracles in this passage Christ seems to be dealing with Gentiles.
    Note the phrase ‘the God of Israel’ in verse 31.
    This seems to be contrary to the principle of verse 24.
    What was our Lord thus beginning to reveal concerning the full purpose of his mission?
    Cf. Matt. 24:14; 28:19; Rom. 1:16 (the last eight words).

Note: Verse 37. The word for ‘basket’ here is sphuris, the large Gentile basket, contrasted with the Jewish kophinos in 14:20. The same accuracy of distinction is found in 16:9, 10.