Matthew 11:25-12:21

  1. In 11:25-30, there is an amazing combination of Christ’s claims to unique authority and to humility.
    Can both be true?
    What do these verses teach concerning:
    (a) his person, and
    (b) the attitude he asks from us?
  2. Summarize the main principles of Sabbath observance outlined in 12:1-14.
    In what way may we be guilty of the sin of the Pharisees?
    How are we to avoid a secularization of the Lord’s day?
  3. 12:15-21. These verses indicate the significance of the Suffering Servant passages in Isaiah for an understanding of Jesus and his ministry. Cf. 8:17; Luke 2:29-32; 22:37; John 12:37, 38.
    What are the outstanding features of this ministry?