Matthew 11:1-24

  1. What can we learn of the character of John the Baptist from his problems and doubts concerning Jesus, and from our Lord’s commendation of him (verses 1-19)?
  2. Verses 20-24. We can discern here some important principles behind God’s judgment of mankind.
    What are they, and what relevance do they have in our situation?


  1. There is a unity in chapters 11 and 12. Apparently disconnected incidents are linked together around the theme of the reality and nature of the Messiah-ship of Jesus.
  2. Verse 12 may suggest either the dynamic of John’s ministry or the cost of becoming a member of the kingdom.
  3. Verse 19 ‘Wisdom is proved right by her actions.’ In some translations: ‘by her deeds’ or ‘children’ (mg.). In either case the verse means that God’s ways are justified by their results.