Matthew 23:1-22

  1. Verses 1-12 are an indictment of the Pharisees because of their concern for personal prestige and outward show.
    Do you see how this may happen within the Christian church?
    In what ways may this temptation come?
  2. Note the repetition of the word ‘hypocrite’ or ‘play-actor’. How is this seen in the attitude of the Pharisees to others (verses 13-15), and in their vows and promises (verses 16-22)?
    What do we need to do to avoid becoming like them?


  1. Verse 5. The phylactery was a small box of leather containing portions of the law and strapped to forehead and to left arm.
    The fringes of the garments were four in number, attached to the dress as a symbol of the law.
  2. Verse 15. ‘A son of hell’: Greek Gehenna, meaning ‘worthy of suffering punishment in the after-life’.