Matthew 5:17-48

  1. Our Lord demonstrates His respect for the law in verses 17-20.
    What does verse 20 mean?
    Does it leave us any hope?
    Cf. Rom. 3:20-22; 8:3, 4. In what way does our Lord make the law more demanding?
  2. What is the relevance in our modern world of Christ’s teaching in verses 33-48 on the subject of oaths and talking vengeance?
    Consider the application of the question in verse 47, ‘what are you doing more than others?’
    to the whole subject of Christian love.
  3. Comparing verses 31, 32 with 19:3-9, what is our Lord’s teaching on the sanctity of marriage and the possibility of divorce?


  1. Verse 18. ‘Not an iota, not a dot’ (RSV): a reference to the smallest letter or significant part of a letter in the Hebrew language.
  2. Verse 48. ‘Perfect’ has more the meaning of ‘mature’ or full-grown than any concept of sinless perfection. Cf. Luke 6:36.