Matthew 4

  1. Consider the temptations of Jesus as a testing of the kind of ministry he was going to exercise.
    What was the special point of appeal in each temptation?
    Can you link these three typical temptations with the threefold division of 1 John 2:16?
  2. In what way do verses 1-11 help us to understand the meaning of temptation and the way in which Satan may be defeated?
  3. What was Christ’s first message?
    Try to define repentance. Cf. Acts 2:38; 20:21; Luke 15:18; Matt. 3:8.
    What further demand did he make on those who became disciples, and why?
    Has your response to Christ been of this kind?

Note. The incidents recorded in John 1:29-4:3 must have happened between verses 11 and 12 of this chapter.