Matthew 2

  1. Consider the significance of the coming of the wise men from the East in the light of such passages as Isaiah 49:6; Luke 2:32; John 10:16.
  2. Note the different reactions to the birth of Jesus from the wise men, the chief priests and scribes, and Herod. How does this prove the truth of John 9:39; 18:37?
  3. Notice the accuracy of fulfillment of prophecy in our Lord’s infancy (verses 15; 17; 18; 23).
    What does this teach us about the nature and authority of prophecy?


  1. Verse 1. The word ‘Magi’ refers to learned astrologers or those who practiced magical arts.
    There is noting but tradition to make them kings.
  2. Verse 23. There is no Old Testament quotation about the Messiah as a Nazarene.
    Matthew may be making a play on the Hebrew word ‘netser’ meaning ‘branch’ from Isa. 11:1 and Jer. 23:5. Or the phrase may refer to the contempt associated with Christ’s home back-ground. Cf. John 1:46; Isaiah 53:2, 3.