Matthew 1

  1. Consider the names in the genealogy and note how sinful some of them were.
    How does this chapter indicate that the coming of Jesus was in God’s plan from the beginning?
    In what ways does it demonstrate that in Jesus Old Testament prophecy is fulfilled?
    What truths are indicated here concerning his person and work?
  2. What do verses 18-25 teach us about the virgin birth?
    What is the importance of this truth for the Christian?
  3. Examine the character of Joseph as revealed in these verses (cf. 2:13-23).
    What can we learn from his courageous obedience?


  1. Verse 17. This arrangement into three periods of fourteen generations each is not exact, some generations being omitted. Possibly this artificial arrangement is for easy memorizing.
  2. Verse 19. According to Jewish law, Mary, being betrothed to Joseph, was already legally regarded as his wife.