Hosea 11 & 12

In chapter 1 another aspect of God’s dealings with Israel breaks into view-his persistent love. Judgment there must be (11:5-8), but God will not make a final end of his sinning people.

  1. How was God’s love manifested in Israel’s beginnings? See 11:1-4; cf. Deut. 7:6-8.
    How was this still manifested, in spite of all his people’s backsliding?
    See 11:8-11.
  2. In chapter 11 God has spoken of his attitude to Israel; now in 11:12-12:2, he speaks of Israel’s attitude to himself.
    Then the prophet reminds the people of the very different history of their ancestor Jacob (12:3, 4).
    What is the attitude to himself that God desires (12:6; cf. 6:6; 10:12)?
    What, however, was Israel’s response to all God’s pleadings (12:7-14)?