Hosea 9 & 10

These chapters are prophecies of coming judgment, and show how the people’s sin will bring upon them:
(a) exile (9:1-8);
(b) a diminished population (9:9-17); and
(c) the destruction of both the sanctuaries and the throne, and reducing of the nation to servitude (10:1-15).

  1. 9:1-8. This passage was perhaps spoken at a religious festival, when people were making merry after the manner of the heathen at their festivals (9:1). How does Hosea describe the changes that exile will bring?
  2. 9:9-17. God himself speaks. He sees list prevalent in the nation, as in the most shameful days of Israel’s history. To what results would it lead?
  3. What different kinds of sin are spoken of in chapter 10? What counsel does the prophet give as to the one way of escape from the coming judgment?


  1. 10:1. ‘Stones’: a common feature of a Canaanite shrine, initiated by the Israelites in their worship.
  2. 10:5, 6. Cf. 1 Kgs.12:28, 29.
  3. 10:10. ‘Their double iniquity’: perhaps meaning the sins of the throne and of worship.
  4. 10:11. The position of Israel is to be changed from that of a heifer treading the threshing floor and easting freely (Deut. 25:4) to the heavy labour of the yoke.
  5. 10:14. ‘As Shalman devastated Beth Arbel’: the reference is uncertain. Shalman is probably the same as Shalmaneser, 2 kgs. 17:3.