Amos 5 & 6

  1. 5:1-17. God uses various methods to draw men back to himself. Chapter 4 mentioned natural calamities; this chapter, a plea for right living.
    What sins are rebuked in these verse, and what is the one of escape?
  2. 5:18-27.What is necessary to make our worship acceptable to God?
    How did Israel fail? Is our worship in danger of falling under the same judgment?
  3. Chapter 6. Why were the Israelites insensitive to the approaching judgment?
    What warning does this contain for us?


  1. 5:25, 26. These verses are obscure, but seem to mean that the idolatrous tendency in Amos’ day.
  2. 6:2. Probably a reference to cities which have recently fallen. Israel is no more secure than they were.
  3. 6:10. This reference to burning the dead indicates a time of emergency.