Amos 3 & 4

  1. 3:3-8. These verses, by a statement of the law of cause and effect, underline the fact that the unexpected prophecy of 3:1, 2 is indeed from God.
    What does this prophecy teach regarding the responsibility of the people of God?
  2. 3:9-15. what is the significance of the invitation of the philistines and Egyptians to come and see the evil done in Samaria?
  3. What does chapters 4 teach on the following issues:
    (a) the evil of luxury,
    (b) religious formalism, and
    (c) God’s attempts to bring Israel to her senses?
    Notice the solemn conclusion of verse 12.


  1. 4:1. A reference to the wealthy women of Samaria. The cattle of Bashan were noted for their quality.
  2. 4:5, 6. Theses verses are ironical in tone.