Song of Solomon 8:5-14

  1. What does this passage add to all we have already learnt of the nature of love? What attacks may true love have to face?
  2. What qualities are shown here to be characteristic of true love?


  1. 8:6. ‘Place me like a seal…’: in ancient times men carried their seal fastened to their chest or wrist for safe preservation. The girl desires to be held fast like that on the heart and arm of her lover.
  2. 8:8-10. The girl recalls her brothers’ earlier words. They had waited to see if she would be like a wall against temptation, or like an open door, allowing it in. Here she claims that she has shown herself to be a wall.
  3. 8:11, 12. Solomon appears to have offered her a vineyard of great wealth, but she turned it down in favour of the vineyard that was here in her lover

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