Song of Solomon 6:4-8:4

  1. In 2:16 the girl’s first thought was of her claim upon her lover. Now (6:3) she thinks first of his claim on her. In 7:10 her claim is not longer mentioned. Her concern is to satisfy him by giving herself. The importance of this for human marriage relation is clear. But can these stages in love apply to our relation to Christ? If so, how?
  2. 8:4. The warning is repeated here for the third time (see also 2:7; 3:5). Why do you think it was given, and with such emphasis?


  1. 6:4. ‘Tirzah’: the name (meaning ‘delight’) of a beautiful town, which later became the royal residence of the kings of northern Israel.
  2. 6:12, 13. A possible translation, in line with the three- character analysis, is ‘My soul has unwittingly brought me to the chariots of the companions of my prince’; i.e., she fell in with some of Solomon’s retinue. She fled, but they called her back and gazed upon her, as she put it, as if she were a company of dancers.
  3. 7:1-6. These verses may be part of the song composed by the women (6:9b, 10), or may be spoken by Solomon. In verses 7 and 8 he is certainly the speaker.

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