Song of Solomon 5:2-6:3

  1. Is there any underlying reality in the disturbing dream of 5:2-7? Would we be right to see in this passage teaching about, e.g., the importance of response in love, or the likelihood of suffering if response is lacking?
  2. How far is the bride’s delight in, and praise of, her lover a feature also of our relationship to Christ? Do we meditate on him as our ‘lover’ and ‘friend’ (5:16)?


  1. 5:2. ‘I slept’: these words indicate that the bride is relating a dream.
  2. 5:4. The door was bolted on the inside (see verse 5).
  3. 5:10. ‘Outstanding among ten thousand’: literally, ‘marked out by a banner’, i.e., as outstanding among the rest as a standard bearer.

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