Song of Solomon 1:1-2:7

  1. Much of this passage consists of conversation. The Analysis provides one answer to the problems of how many characters are speaking and where the break occurs. What do you think is the basic situation?
  2. Can we learn anything from the different imagery used by the man (see 1:15-17; 2:2) and the woman to express their love and longing for one another? Does this suggest anything of the different qualities, or needs, of each?


  1. 1:12-14. Women wore small bags of myrrh suspended from the neck under their dress.To the girl, her lover was as the costliest perfume.
  2. 2:1. The girl describes herself as an ordinary wild flower of the meadow.
  3. 2:3. The apple tree affords both shade and fruit.
  4. 2:4. ‘The banquet hall’: literally ‘house of wine’, signifying a place of delight.
  5. 2:7. A difficult verse. It seems to mean that love should awake or come to life of itself or in its own time, not by artificial stimulation and not before the loved one is pleased to respond.Gazelles and does are noted for their timidity.

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