Ecclesiastes 4:9-6:12

  1. What are the blessings of friendship described in 4:9-12? How does this apply in the spiritual life? See, e.g., Matt. 18:19, 20; Luke 10:1.
  2. What does 5:1-7 teach concerning worship, in respect to: (a) the right attitude of spirit, (b) words spoken in God’s presence, and (c) the importance of fulfilling vows?
  3. What is the teaching of 5:8 – 6:12 with regard to money and the evils it brings?


  1. 5:1. ‘Guard your steps’; i.e., ‘Never enter God’s house carelessly’ (Moffatt).
  2. 5:3. As cares and labours cause a man to dream, so do many words in worship give rise to folly.
  3. 5:20. ‘Then he will never brood over the fewness of his days’ (Moffatt).
  4. 6:10, 11. ‘Whatever happens has been determined long ago, and what man is has been ordained of old; he cannot argue with one mightier than himself’ (Moffatt). The meaning is that much talking against God’s dealings is profitless.

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