Psalm 68:1-18

This psalm describes the onward march of God through history to his final triumph. The threefold reference to the sanctuary in verse 17, 24, 35 suggests that, like Ps. 24, it was written to celebrate the bringing of the ark to Jerusalem. See 2 Sam. 6:15, 17, 18.

  1. What effect does the appearing of God have on: (a) his enemies (verses 1, 2), (b) the righteous (verses 3, 4), and (c) those in need (verses 5, 6)?
  2. In the historical retrospect of verses 7-18, what aspects of God’s character are revealed?


  1. Verse 7. Cf. Judg. 5:4, 5.
  2. Verses 13b, 14. The meaning is uncertain. Verse 13b may mention an item of spoil: see verse 12 and cf. Jude. 5:30. Or it may describe a symbol- like the golden wings of the cherubim (see Exod. 25:20-22) – of a theophany. Verse 14 may be a picture of the kings and their armies fleeing as snow-flakes driven before a storm.
  3. Verses 17, 18. God enters Zion with his heavenly hosts. Cf. Eph. 4:8; Ps. 24:7-10.