Psalm 64 and 65

  1. 64, like 58 and 59, has for its theme the certainty of God’s judgment upon the wicked. Ps. 65, on the other hand, is a psalm of praise to God, as the God of the whole earth, the only Saviour from sin, and the Giver of fruitful harvests.
  2. 64. How are the psalmist’s enemies described (verses 1-6)? What are the purpose and result of God’s judgment? What truths should we take to heart, and act on when in similar circumstances?
  3. 65. In verse 1, the psalmist says that praise is due to God. In the remaining verses, what can you find which moves you to praise God for all he is, and has done? Are the experiences mentioned in verses 3 and 4 known to you?