Psalm 63

The title of the psalm assigns it to the time when David was crossing the wilderness of Judah, i.e., from Jerusalem to Jordan, in his flight from Absalom, as described in 2 Sam. 16. The psalm becomes one of joyous praise. The most satisfactory explanation of the change, and of David was given a vision of Jehovah as vivd and glorious as ever. He had seen him in the sanctuary, and it transformed for him the whole outlook.

  1. Consider how full of sorrow David’s heart must have been at leaving Jerusalem, and especially the sanctuary of God. See verse 1, and cf. 2 Sam. 15:24-30. Though he seemed outwardly to have lost everything, in what was he still able to rejoice?
  2. In what assurance about the future was David able to rest? Have you any similar confidence?