Psalm 61,62

Pss.  61-63 from another trilogy like 46-48. They were all most probably written shortly after David’s flight from Absalom (see 63 title) and should be read against the background of the story of 2 Sam. 15-17.

  1. 61. Consider David’s circumstances – a fugitive, his throne occupied by another, his life sought. What were his heart’s chief desires, as expressed in his prayers (verses 1-4)? Observe also his confident hope, and his wholehearted devotion (verses 5-8). Is he not in this a ‘type’ of our Lord?
  2. 62. How did David’s situation appear in the eyes of his enemies (verse 3), and how to the eye of faith leads to testimony?

Note. 62:11, 12. ‘One thing…two things’: a Hebrew idiom for ‘repeatedly’, here signifying that the truth David sets forth in these verses had sun: deep into his heart.