Psalm 60

For the occasion of this psalm see the title and 2 Sam. 8:13, 14. The circumstances are not wholly clear. It would seem that while David was engaged in a campaign against Syria (Aram), the Edomites invaded Judah from the south, creating a situation of grave danger. The psalm was written when David first heard the news.

  1. Note the content of David’s prayer. What does he do first (verses 1-5), second (verses 6-8), third (verses 9-12)?
  2. What can we learn from David’s example concerning the way: (a) to meet bad news and (b) to find help in God?


  1. Verse 6. Shechem west of the Jordan, Succoth east of it, thus representing the whole land.
  2. Verse 8. ‘Upon Edom’: better, ‘to Edom’, as in RV mg. Moab and Edom were to have a menial place in God’s household, as compared with Israel.