psalm 49

An inspired meditation, addressed to all men, on the vanity of riches. It anticipates our Lord’s teaching in Luke 12; 13-21.

  1. How do men in general regard wealth? See verses 6, 13, 18. But what are the facts? What can wealth not do (verses 7-9)? And what is the end of the rich man (verses 10-14, 17-20)?
  2. Why is it better to trust in God than in riches? See verses 14, 15. And what is the psalmist’s counsel to himself and to us? See verses 5 and 16.

Note. Verses 7 and 9 should be read together, verse 8 being parenthetical. With verse 7 cf. Exod. 21:30. There were cases where, in human relationships, life could be redeemed with money; but it is not so when God summons the soul.