Psalm 46 – 48

These psalms are a trilogy of praise in memory of a great deliverance, most probably that of Jerusalem from the king of Assyria. They should be read in the light of 2 Kgs. 18 and 19.

  1. Gather out what is said about God in these psalms: his power, his character, his relation to the world, and his relation to his own people.
  2. What is the leading thought of each of the three psalms? What should be the response of God’s people to such a manifestation of his power and love?


  1. 46:5. ‘At break of day’: better, ‘When the morning dawns’, i.e., the morning of deliverance See RV mg. and cf. Mark 6:48, 51.
  2. 47:2 and 48:2. ‘The Great King’: i.e., the true Great King in contrast to the Assyrian monarch, who bore this title. Cf. Is. 36:4.
  3. 47:9. ‘Kings’ (=’shields’ RSV): meaning ‘rulers’. Cf. Ps. 89:18. The verse is prophetic of Christ’s find victory. Cf. 1Cor. 15:24, 25; Rev. 15:3, 4.

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