Revelation 18:1-20

  1. Consider first the message of the angel and of the voice from heaven. What aspects of God’s judgments do these emphasize? What urgent imperative does the Lord speak here to his own people? Cf. 2 Cor. 6:14-18.
  2. In contrast, listen to the voices of earth at Babylon’s fall. Who are the speakers? To what fact about Babylon’s fall do they refer, and for what reason did they mourn in this way for Babylon? Observe the difference between the points of view of heaven and of the world. In such circumstances, in which would you join- mourning or joy?
  3. When time permits, read Is. 13 and 47; Jer. 50 and 51, and Ezek. 27 to see how deeply steeped John’s mind is in the visions and prophecies of the Old Testament.

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