Revelation 10

Rev. 10:1-11:13 is an interlude between the sixth and seventh trumpets, corresponding to chapter 7 (see Analysis). The seer first tells of his new commission (10:1-11), and then describes the church as God’s sanctuary (11:1, 2), and as bearing witness in the world (11:3-13).

  1. In what two ways does chapter 10 show that the revelation thus far given to John, though it extends to the end of the age (verses 6, 7), is by no means a complete disclosure of the hidden counsel of God? Cf. Deut. 29:29; Job 26:14. Of what was John now solemnly assured concerning truths that had been revealed?
  2. What made God’s Word sweet to taste, but bitter to digest? What responsibility did the reception of such revelation place upon John? Cf. Ezek. 2:8-3:4; 1 Sam. 3:15-18; 1 Cor. 9:16, 17. Have you any comparable privileges and responsibilities?

Note. Verses 6, 7. The mysterious purpose of God, as revealed through the prophets and worked out in earthly history, is thus to be completed or finished.

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