Revelation 4

  1. When John looked into heaven, what is the chief and outstanding sight that met his eyes? What can we also learn from this vision about the origin, the control and the purpose of the created universe? What kind of response ought this awareness to produce in us?
  2. What is indicated or symbolized here concerning the nature and character of God, and concerning the way in which he ought to be worshipped?


  1. Verse 3. ‘The appearance of jasper’: i.e., radiant; cf. 21:11. ; The appearance of … carnelian’: i.e., red like fire or blood. The rainbow suggests God’s faithfulness. Cf. Gen. 9:12-17.
  2. Verse 4. These elders are normally taken to represent the church of the Old and New Testaments.
  3. Verse 6-8. ‘Four living creatures’: similar to those of Ezekiel’s vision. See Ezek. 1:5ff.; 10:12. Their appearance suggests the characteristics of strength, service, intelligence and swiftness. For their song, cf. Is. 6:3.

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