John 21:15-25

  1. What is the significance of:
    (a) Jesus’ use of the name ‘Simon’ in addressing Peter (cf. 1:42);
    (b) the phrase ‘more than these’ (verse 15; cf. Mark 10:28-30; 14:29);
    (c) Jesus asking Peter three times, ‘Do you love me?’ (cf. 13:38)?
  2. Though Peter had failed, Jesus re-commissioned him. What does this teach about:
    (a) the Lord’s nature,
    (b) Peter’s spiritual condition?
    Can you expect always to be restored after a fall?
    What does the Lord require from you?
  3. What can we learn from verses 18-23 about:
    (a) the different ways in which the Lord directs the life of each one of his people;
    (b) what our own main concern is to be?


  1. Verses 18, 19. According to tradition Peter died as a martyr in Rome.
  2. Verse 23. A statement introduced to correct a current misunderstanding of what the Lord had said about John.