John 14:15-24

  1. Three times in this passage Jesus speaks of loving him (verses 15, 21, 23).
    How does our love for the Lord Jesus show itself?
    Is this true of you?
    Since love is personal, can you see to what personal relationship this love leads?
  2. In what sense does Jesus ‘come’ to us (verse 18)?
    How is this related to the coming of ‘another Advocate’ (see Note 1)? Give examples of ways in which Jesus proved to be the first ‘Advocate’.
  3. Why cannot the world ‘see’ the Spirit or Jesus (verses 17, 19)?
    Cf. 1:11; 3:19; 5:37; 7:34; 8:19, 47; 12:37-40.
    What explanation did Jesus give here in answer to Judas?
    How can the eyes of men be opened to see him?


  1. Verse 16. ‘Counselor’: literally, one called to one’s side to plead on one’s behalf. ‘Advocate’ is a better translation. Cf. 1 John 2:1.
  2. Verse 22. Cf. 7:4. The disciples also naturally expected that the Messiah would display his power to the world.