John 13:1-20

  1. Verse 13. ‘Teacher and Lord.’ What degrees of Lordship are revealed in verses 1 and 3?
    Did Jesus perform the task of a servant in spite of, or because of, his relation to the Father?
    Cf. Phil. 2:5-8.
  2. What important lesson did Jesus teach in response to Peter’s interruptions?
    See verses 8 and 10. Cf. Titus 3:5; John 1:7.
  3. What further application did Jesus make of his action as an example to his followers?
    Cf. Luke 22:22-27.
    Are you giving sufficient attention to this mater?
    See verse 17.


  1. Verse 10. ‘Had a bath’: the disciples had been cleansed; all except Judas (verse 11). Cf. 15:3.
  2. Verse 20. ‘Anyone I send’: i.e., the apostles and all subsequent witnesses to Christ. So also verse 16.