John 12:20-36

The Greeks who inquired for Jesus were a token of the world of people beyond Israel who would be saved through Jesus’ atoning death and resurrection (cf. 10:16; 12:32). Their coming therefore introduces the consummation of Jesus’ work; see verse 23.

  1. Give examples of the ways in which you can love your life, or hate it.
    To whom does Jesus primarily refer in verse 24?
    In view of this, what is involved in following him (verse 26)?
  2. In what .sense did the coming ‘hour’ (verse 23) bring about the glorifying of the Son of man and the Father (verse 28)?
    How did his being lifted up involve the judgment of this world (verses 31-34)?

3. Verses 35, 36 give Jesus’ last appeal to the nation. What is meant by walking and believing in the light? Are you doing this?